Dr Oz Neutrogena Wave Skin Cleansing

Doctor Oz featured the Neutrogena Power Wave for vanishing wrinkles with a cleansing system for skin on his show.

Marie Czenka said it is a powerful device that really cleanses well. She said it can work on your entire body.

It is really important to clean everyday and when you do you get great benefits. Czenka recommended doing it regularly will give you similar results to a beauty spa or dermatologist.

By cleaning and exfoliating with this device everyday you control and prevent wrinkles and discoloration – just as importantly by cleaning you help clear the way for the nutrients and vitamins in the skin creams and products to be more effective helping your skin.

You can actually use it over your entire body.

It is the one tool everyone needs that will pay dividends that buff away the wrinkles, removes dead skin and cleanses.

The more you use it the better the results.

They also recommended Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Patches that work great for crowsfeet around the eyes and around the mouth. Great for wrinkles. These patches are infused with Vitamin C and provide great antioxidant nutrients to your skin – bioavailable and absorbed into your skin.

Marie said it will help vanish your wrinkles overnight.

Very simple to use as you leave it on overnight and will soften your skin and help discolourization.

Just leave it on overnight and sleep restfully.

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Dr. Oz’s Facelift Alternative – Power Facial Cleansers

Dr. Oz and Leading Plastic Surgeons on his show recommended Power Facial Cleansers as an alternate approach to Facelifts.

They take cleansing and exfoliating to the next level – removes top layer of dead skin gently and cleanse deeply. Which then enhances the skins and creams you use.

Wash your face first and the pad rotates, gentle pressure and use circular motions on your face. Twenty seconds on forehead, twenty seconds on nose, ten seconds on chin and twenty seconds on cheeks.

Start once or twice a week and work up to three or four times a week to every other day. The variable will be how sensitive your skin is.

Do not over use or it can irritate your skin or over exfoliation.

More expensive brushes move more frequently and are less abrasive on the skin and are recommended for those with sensitive skin.

They also discussed and recommended

Topical Vitamin C

Powerful Cleansers

Dr. Oz and Leading Plastic Surgeons Recommend